tick|et1 W2S1 [ˈtıkıt] n
1¦(cinema/bus/train etc)¦
2¦(driving offence)¦
3¦(in shops)¦
5 ticket to success/fame/stardom etc
6 be (just) the ticket
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Early French etiquet 'notice attached to something', from Old French estiquier 'to attach', from Middle Dutch steken 'to stick']
a printed piece of paper which shows that you have paid to enter a cinema, travel on a bus, plane etc
ticket for
How much are tickets for the concert?
ticket to
I'd like to book two tickets to Berlin.
theatre/train/airline etc ticket
The plane ticket costs $170.
A return ticket (=one going to a place and back again) to London, please.
single/one-way ticket
(=one going to a place but not back again) a ticket to do sth
a ticket to watch the US Open
a ticket office/machine/agency etc
a printed note ordering you to pay money because you have done something illegal while driving or parking your car
parking/speeding ticket
3.) ¦(IN SHOPS)¦
a piece of paper fastened to something in a shop that shows its price, size etc
American Equivalent: tag
How much does it say on the price ticket ?
4.) ¦(ELECTION)¦ [usually singular]
especially AmE a list of the people supported by a particular political party in an election
He ran for governor on the Republican ticket.
5.) ticket to success/fame/stardom etc
especially AmE a way of becoming successful, famous etc
Michael thought an MBA would be a ticket to success.
6.) be (just) the ticket
old-fashioned to be exactly what is needed
ticket 2
ticket2 v [T usually passive]
1.) to produce and sell tickets for an event, journey etc
air travel sold and ticketed in the UK
ticketed events such as concerts
2.) especially AmE to give someone a ticket for parking their car in the wrong place, driving too fast etc
Drivers stopping here will be ticketed and have their cars towed.
3.) be ticketed for sth
especially AmE to be intended for a particular use, purpose, job etc
Three of the army bases have been ticketed for closure.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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